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Teresa  has 25 years experience helping hundreds of dog owners just like you. From basic obedience to serious aggressive behaviors.​​

Teresa also helps the community as a volunteer trainer for Pets for Vets-Denver Chapter training emotional support animals.

Teresa has a ​​​​​ Master Degree in Anthrozoology with advanced applied animal behavior research. a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Biology and Animal Behavior.  In addition, she passed a rigorous exam to be Certified  Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).  You can be sure she has the knowledge and skills to help you teach your dog to be a well mannered canine companion.  

Teresa has worked thousands of hours learning and sharing her expertise.  Her clients see results during the first training lesson that last for the lifetime of the dog.
A Professional You Can Trust
Independently owned, Teresa Loya places a high value on unity and professionalism. She makes it a point to teach you to be successful in bringing out the best behaviors in your canine companion. It truly creates a difference using positive, science based methods, in a way that clients see immediate results.  We know we are doing things right as our customers served is growing - mostly through referrals and by word of mouth.
 About Teresa Loya
                       Welcome to Clever Canine!

What more can I say? I love animals!  In 1991, a Malamute puppy stole my heart and led me on a journey to learn all that I can about animals and animal behavior.  My passion interest in animal behavior is still
strong after 25 years. 

I help my clients get results, reducing unwanted behavioral problems and establish a life long relationship of trust and respect.  My reward is watching as an owner and dog enjoys each others company, in which the dog cooperates, and listens to the owner with joy. I strive for happiness at both ends of the leash! 

      Thank you for visiting my site.  

Teresa Loya
My Credentials...
1992 - 2003
I owned and operated a doggie daycare, boarding, and training facility. Took in 36 dogs per day, developed and taught 11 classes per week.  I titled my Malamutes, Weimaraners, and Border Terrier,  in Breed, Obedience, Hunting, Tracking, Rally, and CGC.    I also trained dogs for Flyball, Agility, Scentwork, Search & Rescue, Shutzhund, Wildlife Detection dogs, Service and Emotional support animals.
Certified as an Obedience Instructor by the only certification oganization at that time,  the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors.
Marine Animal Training at Seaworld in Orlando, Florida during a workshop.
Certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen, S.T.A.R, and Tricks Evaluator.
As the Kennel Manager and Trainer.  I trained Karelian Bear Dogs as Wildlife Detection dogs.  We used the dogs to help push food conditioned bears away from private property, parks, and campgrounds.  Dogs are now working in Washington State and Japan.

Certified as a Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College.  I continue to assist their students to gain hands on dog training experience.

Earned the CPDT-KA certification through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. I passed a rigorous exam demonstrating my knowledge of learning theory, animal behavior, animal physiology, and cognitive and physical developmental stages.

Earned a BS Degree in Wildlife Biology and Animal Behavior. 

I conducted wildlife research for 4 years on Wolves (Montana, Idaho), Coyotes (Newfoundland, Canada), and Canada Lynx (Washington State). 
Animal Control Officer for Ravalli County Sheriffs Office mitigating and solving animal related disputes and saving stray and lost animals. 

Completed both Field Officer Training and NACA certification.
I worked closely with the local veterinarians, animal rescues, and animal shelters to help find new homes for unwanted animals.

Animal Care Manager for a wildlife sanctuary in Montana.  I developed animal behavior modification and enrichment programs for over 30 non-releasable wildlife animals. I trained several Raptors as ambassador animals.

 Species trained included: Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, Mountain Lion, Canada Lynx, Bobcat, Porcupine, Marmot, Black Bears, Racoon, Elk, Bison, Cranes, Owls, Hawks, Falcons, Ravens, Crows, and a Kestrel.

Earned an MS degree in Anthrozoology.  The research included: Advanced Animal Behavior, Psychology of the Human-Animal Bond, Animal Law & Public Policy, Animal Ethics and Animal Welfare.  


With the knowledge and skills that I have cultivated, I am confident, that you and your dog will be successful!  
I look forward to working with you!