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  1. On-The-Go
    * Does your walk with the family dog turn into a battle? * Do the park bunnies and squirrels invite your dog in a game of pursuit? * Do other dogs make your dog anxious, bark, lunge, and drag you when out walking on a leash? • Does walking with a leash turn into a tug of war? Our individual lessons can help you where you need it most! Out on walks or at the local park. We coach you and teach you the skills you need to help your dog learn to greet people politely, pass by other dogs calmly, and come when called. Each one-hour session is designed to reinforce the behaviors you want while limiting the ones you don’t.
  2. Puppy & Adult Basic Manners
    Basic Private Lessons are the clever solution for teaching your dog to be well behaved. In the home or out on walks. Whether you take on a new puppy, an adopted adolescent, or an aging senior dog, you are likely to encounter behaviors that are disruptive to the home and to family members. Many of the behavior problems we can help you solve include: Housebreaking, Chewing, Barking. Jumping, Bolting, Coming When Called, Pulling on the Leash, Chasing Cats, Nipping, and Fence Fighting. The good news is that you and your dog will benefit from our experienced trainer.  Get the coaching you need to teach your dog the right behaviors.
  3. Serious Behavior Problems
    Behavior modification is best for serious dog behavior issues that requires an expert in animal behavior and learning theory. Our trainer has a master's degree in animal behavior and has a devoted the last 25-years coaching dog owners as a dog trainer and behavior consultant. She is familiar with hundreds of dog breeds, and understands how dog's think and respond to the world. Our qualified trainer will work closely with you to produce a behavior training plan that helps you alter your dog’s unwanted negative reactions into positive and welcomed ones. Problem behaviors we help solve: Separation anxiety, fears, phobias, dog-dog aggression, dog-human aggression, biting, hyperactivity, and resource guarding.
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