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  1. Teresa is such an awesome trainer to work with! She has a deep understanding of how to help you understand your dog so you can be successful at training your dog. She's very professional. I appreciate that she only uses positive tactics and is so patient! I highly recommend her and will continue to learn as much as I can from her.
    Phyllis & Grace
  2. Great experience I would recommend this for anybody who wants good real deal effective training for their dog!
  3. We Love Teresa and so does our dog Scout! We have gone to many other trainers and none were so patient but also willing to push our dog in a positive way. Sometimes trainers go to easy and Teresa made our dog everything she could while also providing patience and kindness and support -- which my husband and I needed more than our dog!. We made so much progress in a short time. Teresa has great ideas and our dog loves her. She also made sure Scout was progressing every class. She understood her and her needs and we now have an excellent well-behaved dog. You won't find a better trainer than Teresa and we've been to half-a-dozen or more
    Susan, Tim & Scout
  4. I worked with Teresa earlier this year for in-home training following a very scary fight between my two Bassett hounds. Having Teresa come to my home and work with my dogs in their environment was very helpful. Teresa was wonderful!!! She takes her job very seriously and acts professionally and kindly with both her canine clients and their humans. She provided very easy to follow "rules" and "guidelines" for our specific needs and modified things if something wasn't working for my two dogs. She was so thoughtful and checked in via email a few days following a session to see how things were going. She also provided articles and specific YouTube videos to expand on a topic if I had additional questions. A wonderful, wonderful resource! No more fighting at my house. I would highly recommend Teresa!
    Lindsay, Lucy & Dime
  5. Just wanted to send you a cute picture of Rigsby, a 16 week old American Bulldog, after his hour training lesson. He took a 2-hour nap and 30 min of play he is out and in his crate which has never happened. Thank you for your help today.
    One Tired Puppy
  6. Teresa is a wonderful trainer and a real pleasure to work with. Her years of experience really showed as she worked with us to help our leash aggressive dog work through his fear of people and other dogs . Teresa has a real gift for working with people and communicating with them how to help their dogs overcome problems they may be experiencing. I have really learned a lot from her and she had some creative ideas about helping us. She has a very positive way to help us in training our dog. I plan to continue working with Teresa with my other dogs and look forward to a long relationship with her. I highly recommend her for all your training needs!
    Suzy & SnapChat